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Individual Sessions:

At this time, ALL Dogwood sessions are conducted individually. Each session is based on goals and the desired outcome identified during the first session. The initial lessons will include basic horsemanship skills such as catching/haltering, grooming, and equine handling techniques. From there, the instructor will provide intentional programming designed for continual progress and goal achievement. Progress notes are completed at the end of each lesson to ensure a focused approach is being utilized at all times. (Last Riding Week Ends November 18th)

    • Traditional: During our traditional riding sessions, each student will be assigned their own instructor that will be consistent week to week. They will start with the fundamentals including grooming, tacking, and basic riding skills. From there, each rider will have the opportunity to select a discipline and a desired outcome. We will design an individualized plan and tailor all following lessons to accomplish the goal. We maintain lesson notes from each ride and regularly review to make sure each lesson is progressive and intentional. At this time, we most commonly teach Western, English, Speed Eventing, and Jumping.


    • Therapeutic Riding (TR): Our TR program is designed to utilize adaptive riding skills to give freedom to individuals who need a more personal approach to horseback riding. Each lesson is crafted by our Program Director and meets the rider where they are. Grooming and tacking are also incorporated into each lesson at an age and ability appropriate level. The goal of this program is to see all riders become independent in the saddle while maintaining all safety guidelines.


    • Yoga/Meditation: Ever wonder why equestrians say they are happier and less anxious when a horse is around? This is due to the physiological interactions that occur between horse and human when in the same space. Katie studied this interaction as part of her doctoral research and has crafted this program to take full advantage of the science through our yoga and meditation sessions on horseback. This is the best path if you are looking for a self-care opportunity coupled with gaining new riding skills along the way.


    • Horse Powered Reading (HPR): HPR sessions are all about helping students learn and perfect their reading skills while using one of our amazing horses as a partner. We focus on the reading and comprehension skills the student needs by incorporating fun and engaging activities on the ground and in the saddle. By partnering with an equine friend, no rider has to face learning alone and will always have unconditional support to reach their educational goals!


    • Mental Health (MH): All MH sessions are currently booked. Please reach out to Katie with any questions or concerns.

Contract Services:

Traveling contract services are available to residential mental health facilities in North Mississippi. We are currently serving five centers throughout the state. These services include an initial meeting to discuss treatment goals and create a tailored program to meet the center’s needs. From there, services are provided according to the schedule agreed upon by both parties. Contract pricing is available by request.



Weekly Traditional Riding Lessons - $40

Therapeutic Riding Sessions - $40

If these services do not meet your needs, please contact Katie
to discuss more specific programming options.

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