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Meet Our Horses

Meet Our Horses

Started It All



Popeye is a 28-year-old Palomino Quarter Horse gelding. He is blind in his left eye due to a previous injury. He is one of Katie’s personal horses and is exceptionally trained. After 17 years of service, he is living out his days as one of Dogwood’s beautiful pasture ornaments. He never hesitates to let you know exactly what he wants when he wants it. When he takes a break from his sass, he is very compassionate and loves all of his friends, especially Jack and Blue. If you get a chance, ask Katie about this hilarious old man. She will always share a few stories and let you know this is the horse that "started it all”.


Jack is a 28-year-old Quarter Horse gelding that is a founding member of the Dogwood herd. Five years ago, he sustained an injury to his front knee that required a redirection of purpose. Jack now uses his huge personality and diva tendencies to provide challenge and growth opportunities to clients. 

Lesson Horses



Maverick is a 12-year-old Quarter Horse gelding and our best boy.  He has the laziness to enjoy slow-paced beginner lessons and the attitude to add some sparkle to the first lope experience. Thanks to the kindness of a college-student donation, Maverick has become a wonderful all-around horse and can be found in any part of our programming. If you are ever in doubt of how much this horse is loved, just reach out to our Program Director (aka Mav’s biggest fan).


Petey is a 15-year-old Medicine Cap Paint pony and his personality is nothing less than mystical. Once he figured out we had good treats, he quickly became the punchiest little pony for all our rough and tumble riders. He has also taught many college students how to put fly spray on a horse that never likes to stand still. As we continue figuring this little pony out, rest assured we will update you on the legend that is Petey the Punchy Pony.


Prince is a 16-year-old Pony jumping bean with a large personality and even larger motor. This man is as cute as can be but is the first horse to challenge your confidence in the saddle. Due to his size, many riders find him adorable and believe he will be nothing more than a kid’s horse until they mount and realize just how much heart is kept in one pony’s body. From jumping to barrel racing, this man will give it his all and will make any rider look good if they will work with and not against him. All Prince ever asks is to not be in a hurry when you come to catch him because he will insult your timeline every single day if you do not respect his process.


Roany is a 14-year-old Bay Roan Quarter Horse gelding. He is an ex-roping horse that was great at his job. About 5 years ago, he lost vision in his left eye but hasn’t let that stop him. The perfect horse for all ages and abilities, Roany is easily the largest and one of the most curious horses here. Just don’t be alarmed when he wants to snuggle!


Tuff is an 13-year-old Palomino Quarter Horse gelding full of sass and speed. He constantly has a grumpy expression but is really a big teddy bear who adores being loved on and talked to. In the arena, he allows riders to gain greater core control and technical riding skills in a fully applied scenario.


Blue is an 20-year-old Quarter Horse mare that adds maturity and grace to the Dogwood family. Blue has a history of trail riding but enjoys cattle wrangling the most. More recently, she has excelled working with beginner clients to perfect basic ground and mounted skills.


Steve is an 10-year-old Bay Pony gelding with a personality three times his size. He is very expressive and an oddly disproportioned little fellow. If you know the monkey from the “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” movies, you know this Steve as well. He loves his friends and can be anxious without them, but he is learning to grow more independent everyday.


Booger is a 6-year-old Thoroughbred gelding who was rescued from a neglectful household in October 2021. After 6 months of adjusting to proper nutrition and gaining appropriate weight, Boog was ready to ride! With Emma’s dedication and determination, Booger has made fantastic progress in the English discipline. Booger is currently following a jumper training protocol and has already made an appearance at a schooling show.

Mental Health Horses



Breeze is a 17-year-old Quarter Horse mare. Breeze joined the herd five years ago and has spent the past year as the go-to session horse for Dogwood. With her calm demeanor and confident nature, Breeze is perfectly suited for any equine session. 


As an 13-year-old Miniature Horse mare. She brings an undeniable level of comfort and spunk into each group she joins. With her energetic nature, you can expect Lily to participate in most every session.


Luna is an 10-year-old Miniature Albino mare that is the most inquisitive addition to the Dogwood herd. Luna is constantly on the move exploring every inch of her paddock and alerting the others when she finds a new spot to play. In her down time, you can find Luna trotting through the fall leaves demanding to be petted.


Gordon is a 11-year-old Miniature Horse gelding and was donated from Girl Scouts Heart of the South. He has the most majestic mane of any of our herd and likes to show his free spirit by playing hard to catch. You can find Gordon on the road as part of our mental health team impacting lives across Mississippi.


Flora is a 19-year-old rescue Pony mare from North Mississippi. She was not given adequate nutrition for the first 16 years of her life and is just now learning how to trust her basic needs will be met. For being mistreated for the majority of her time, Flora still has a big heart and desire for showing love. She travels with our mental health herd changing lives with her recovery progress and willingness to embrace this second phase of her life. When Flora is enjoying some down time, you can find her eating all the treats with her favorite person, Emma.


Oscar is a 14-year-old Appaloosa Pony gelding. He spent a lot of time in different sale barns and is finally figuring out the meaning of a true home. While Oscar is training, his intelligent mind really shows through. He is so eager to learn new things and learns them quickly. He thinks its funny to try and keep his shoulder and backend aligned while trotting and stops immediately if you become the slightest bit off balance. With all that being said, you will find no horse that wants to please you more than Oscar.